Hala’s New People!!

Congratulations to Jennifer & Morgan Johnson of Purcellville, VA on the purchase of Desperados Hala (Thee Desperado x Shahsria Moon by Mishaal HP).  These three fell in love with each other the first time they met so it is a match made in heaven!! Also congratulations to Skip & Jean Skipper of Callaway, VA on breeding such…

Grace’s New Owners!

Congratulations to Lori McCracken and Pat Clarvoe, the new owners of Infidels Graced Lady (Thee Infidel x Shadys Magic Trix by Magic Elixir).  We are so excited for these two sisters, who grew up loving horses and are now rekindling that love with the beautiful Grace.  And thanks, Rich, for your support!!!   

Welcome Soongs!!

Congratulations to Warren & Gwendolyn Soong, the new owners of Bella Asila RCA!! Welcome to the Purple Gang!!! And a special thanks to Denise & Colin Gillis for introducing their friends to the Straight Egyptian Arabian breed.

Roseanna has a filly!

Congratulations to Cindy & David Bandy on the birth of a beautiful “Corporate Image” filly to their National Champion mare Roseanna.  Mom and filly are doing great and we look forward to the filly following in her mom’s performance “hoof” steps!!

Sha Sha has a colt!

Congratulations to Skip & Jean Skipper on the birth of a beautiful The Sequel RCA colt to their stunning mare Shahsria Moon (by Mishaal HP) on Friday, July 15th.  Little man had a few issues and spent a few days at Va. Tech but is home and healthy and a happy boy now!   

Congratulations Locke Family!!

Congratulations to Debbie & Larry Locke (and their daughter Taylor, too!) on their recent purchase of the beautiful Ayaana Sanaa (Bellagio RCA x DW Lyrical Lady by The Minstril).  “Annie” fell in love with Debbie & Taylor at our May “Springtime With Arabians” event and it was definitely a mutual affair!!!  Welcome to the Purple…