Formidable power meets breathtaking beauty.

This stallion doesn’t just stand out from the crowd – he leads it.

2019 Homozygous* Black Stallion

CA, SCID, OAAM and LFS Clear

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AlixirThe Elixir
Bellagio RCAThe Prevue
Rhapsody In BlackThee Desperado+
RA NocturneAliashahm RA
The Sequel RCAThee Desperado+
RA AleeyahLa Marsala
Zaarina Sanaa*Mishaal HP
DW Midnight Magic
What Does Homozygous Black Mean to a Mare Owner?

It’s all about Genes

Imagine breeding a black mare to a black stallion and having a chestnut foal. You might be wondering; how did this happen? The answer lies in coat color genetics.

A homozygous black stallion means that he cannot produce a chestnut horse, no matter what color the mare is. This is because the black gene is dominant to the red gene and will always overrule it.

It does not, however, guarantee you a black foal. The agouti gene determines if the black is spread across the body or restricted to the points (i.e., mane, tail, feet, etc.). For example, you breed a bay mare to RA Nocturne, if the mare has 2 copies of the agouti gene, the foal will be bay, if the mare has only 1 copy of the agouti gene, there is a 50% chance of having a black foal.

For more information, we recommend UC Davis California’s Genetics Laboratory. You can find information about equine coat color and learn how to test your mare to determine what color foals you might have.

CLICK HERE to visit the UC Davis website.