Halawat Elthika colt by Mishaal HP

born 2-12-12 at 2:25 a.m.
Congratulations to Jacque Battle of Montvale, VA on the birth of this darling Mishaal HP colt to her mare Halawat Elthika, or “Hallie” as we know her.  Jacque has named him “Samir” which means “jovial companion” and will call him “Sammie.” He is a cutie!

Nice or Naughty

Holiday Party 2011!

We are so blessed with a wonderful group of clients and friends, and what better time to get together than the Christmas Holiday! ABOVE: Wheeeeeee!!! I got all the lights put up and working before the party!!!!! And so far I’ve been NICE!!! BELOW: Plenty of food and fun, antlers and spirits….Pam, is he stealing…