Mare Boarding
$550 /month

Pro-rated with contract; $30 Per Diem without contract

  • Twice daily feeding with 14% pelleted grain
  • Fastrack (probiotic) and EquiMin (mineral/vitamin supplement) added to grain three times weekly
  • Free choice hay daily
  • Daily turnout and/or exercise program
  • Regular teasing program
  • $30/month additional charge if mare has a foal on her side
Shipped Semen
$300 /cycle

Charged to mare owner at time semen is shipped. Each shipment contains two bags of processed semen, unless stallion is breeding more than one mare on a particular day, in which case two bags will be sent on a first call basis. Mare owner is also responsible for actual FedEx Priority Overnight shipping costs plus a $25 administrative fee.
Must call Amethyst Acres 540-460-7195 24 hours prior to order for stallion on site; 48 hours for off-site stallion.

On-Site Artificial Insemination
$350 /breeding season

Charged at time of first insemination; includes breeding as many times as necessary during the season.

*Ultrasounding and other Veterinarian work will be billed directly by Vet Service.

$650+ board


  • 24-hour Foal Watch and Assisted Foaling
  • On-call veterinarian if required
  • Breeder Alert System and video used to monitor the mare
  • When possible, video of birth is provided

*Does not include IgG or Vet exam.