MB Mistaz x DW Lyrical Lady by The Minstril

“Callie” resides at Amethyst Acres and has a pedigree that conbines The Minstril bloodlines with those of Imperial breeding through *Ibn Safinaz and Imperial Mistill (by *Jamilll).  Her first filly Desperados Destini (by Thee Desperado) is the foundation mare for Doreen and Randy Deel of Sunshine Acres.  Her 2014 filly named Ariel (by The Sequel RCA)  is in our consignment program.

*Ibn SafinzSeef
MB MistazSafinaz
Imperial Mistilll*Jamilll
Mistacal LadyAnsata Nile Mist
The MinstrilRuminaja Ali
DW Lyrical Lady*Bahila
Amiri SanaaTheEgyptianPrince
AK El Sanaa