5-18-1995 – 12-6-2018

Thee Desperado x Bint Montaja by The Minstril

“Sheba” was owned by Cornelius Jantzi of Shade J Enterprises in Canada.  While living in the “states” she produced two beautiful fillies that are now foundation mares for other SE farms:  Shebas Krystal Mist by MB Mistaz owned by Krystal Mist Arabians and Shebas Amber Magic by Magic Elixir owned by EPYC’s Destiny.



The MinstrilRuminaja Ali
Thee Desperado*Bahila
AK Amiri AsmarrTheEgyptianPrince
Desperados ShebaAsmarr
The MinstrilRuminaja Ali
Bint Montaja*Bahila
Montaja*Ibn Moniet El Nefous